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Calculus AB

Mark Kiraly

Mark Kiraly has taught at Ryan High School in Denton, TX since graduating from Michigan State University in 1993. He has been teaching AP Calculus AB and BC since 1998 and has been a AP Reader since 2005. Since 2013, Mr. Kiraly has been a Question Leader helping to set standards and train readers on the reading of specific problems, including the operational exams from 2015 through the 2018 exam. He is an active member of the AP Community and enjoys working with others passionate about mathematics. He lives in Denton with his wife, an AP Biology teacher, their son and daughter, and several pets.

Course Description

This AP Calculus AB course will encompass a review of most topics in the curriculum from a numerical, analytical, and graphical point of view. There will be an emphasis on content and refreshing topics with an eye to being able to break them down for a high school student. Additionally, insight will be provided on exam expectations and grading practices.

We will be working with multiple-choice and free response questions from recent Calculus AB exams. Discussions will include structure of the class, forms of assessment, and AP Exam review.  Participants will be provided numerous resources and classroom materials as well as multiple levels of instructional strategies. There will be discussion of the practices used to teach these topics as well as the redesign of the 2017 exam (and following through on grading practices of the 2018 Reading). The pace and content of the workshop will be flexible to the participants’ needs.

AB Calculus Topics (brief coverage)

  • Chain Rule Differentiation
  • Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates
  • Mean Value Theorem, Curve Sketching
  • Integration and The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • Differential Equations and Slope Fields
  • L’Hopital’s Rule

What Participants Should Bring

  • A graphing calculator
  • Jump/usb drive
  • Additional electronic devices as wanted
  • Enthusiasm
  • Materials they are willing to share with the group that they have used and/or developed (experienced especially)