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Computer Science Principles

Andy Kuemmel

Andy Kuemmel was a member of the first AP CS Principles Test Development Committee and has continued to help set the direction of the course.   He taught AP CS Principles as a Pilot Instructor and teacher at West High School in Madison, WI, where he created his own CSP curriculum and taught it to over 60 students per year.  He authored several College Board documents, including a CS Principles Course Planning and Pacing Guide, a CS Principles Sample Syllabus, and solutions to the 2016 Practice Exam.  He has served as a reader and table leader for the CS Principles reading, and is a contributing CS Principles question writer for ETS.   Andy also has worked as the College Board CS Principles Teacher Community Moderator and as a College Board CS Principles Online Mentor.  

After 30 years of teaching high school, Andy took a position as a faculty associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he teaches their version of CS Principles, as well as courses that focus on CS education.  Andy presents at several AP Summer Institutes and provides professional development for teachers in his home state of Wisconsin.  In addition, he is working on writing his own AP CSP curriculum. While staying safe at home with his wife and two teenage sons, Andy is baking, running, biking, and learning how to take care of his Aussiedoodle puppy.

Course Description

Since significant changes to Computer Science Principles took place in the 2020-21 school year, this course is appropriate for both new and experienced AP CSP teachers.   AP Computer Science Principles provides students a broad introduction to the Big Ideas of Computer Science while developing students’ skills in the six Computational Thinking Practices of the course.   A variety of resources and teaching styles will be used throughout the week to help teachers develop and implement this course in their individual school settings.   

Course Objectives: Participants will develop teaching strategies to  meet  the goals of AP Computer Science Principles, which include broadening participation in computing, designing and planning the course, presenting a lively and engaging course, completing the AP course audit, and preparing students to take the AP exam.


Four Day Course- July 12-15, 2021
Day 1
  • Participant Introductions and Workshop Goals LG
  • The Goals of AP CS Principles SG
  • Computational Thinking Practices LG
  • Big Ideas and Course at a Glance LG
  • Programming Languages SG
  • The Big Ideas of CS Principles AS
  • Understanding the Exam LG
  • Overview of the Performance Task SG
  • 8 Endorsed Providers & Their Curricula AS
Day 2
  • AP CSP Curricular Requirements SG
  • Choosing an Endorsed Provider SG
  • Programming Practice SG
  • AP Teacher Community LG
  • Create Task Description and Sample Response LG
  • AP Digital Portfolio SG
  • MC Question practice AS
Day 3
  • Programming Practice SG
  • Create Task Rubric LG
  • Create Task Scaffolding Activities SG
  • MC Question practice AS
  • Online Teaching Strategies SG
  • Teaching about Algorithms LG
  • Sample Lessons and Teaching Strategies SG
  • Course and Unit Planning AS
  • AP Classroom AS
Day 4
  • Programming Practice SG
  • Instructional Approaches SG
  • Create Task Sample Scoring LG
  • Assessing Student Progress SG
  • Formative and Summative Assessments SG
  • MC Question practice AS
  • AP Course Audit SG
  • Presentation of Best Practices SG
  • Plans for Further Collaboration LG
  • Planning the first week of the course AS

*LG=Large Group, SG=Small Group, AS=Asynchronous