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Michael Legacy

Michael Legacy is from Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. He has been an award-winning AP Statistics teacher for 22 years and is the author of some well-known AP Statistics resource materials. Michael has also served as a reader, table reader and member of the test development committee for the AP Statistics exam.

Course Description

This course is designed primarily for teachers in AP Statistics.  However, experienced teachers will find many useful things to take back to their classrooms. Much of the week will be devoted to experimental design, correlation and regression, probability models and inference. We will discuss how to organize the course and how to use technology, simulation and data-gathering activities. Time will be spent working with activities and simulations as a building block for the course. At least one morning will be allocated for working on laptops to view and use online resources and applets that are immensely useful for the course.

In addition to the binder for the week, participants should bring a flash drive, which will be loaded with lessons/handouts, class note sheets, a set of old tests, AP practice sets, projects and activities. Participants will review the 2019 test through the questions, rubrics and the grading of student responses.

What Participants Should Bring

  • Graphing calculator, with statistical capabilities, if possible. TI-84 recommended
  • Laptop, recommended
  • Current textbook, if you have one

NOTE: Quite a few calculator programs useful for demonstrating concepts will be shared. The programs are all loaded on a TI-83 silver Edition, so participants should bring a machine (at least a TI-84) that would be compatible for sharing these programs.


Day 1

  • The course and current resources
  •  Newly developed resources on the Web
  • AP Audit
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Bivariate data(regression, correlation)
    • Calculator and online statistical software usage
    • AP Exam questions and scoring

Day 2

  • Experimental Design                                                                    
    •  Sampling, surveys, bias
    • Principles of well-designed experiments
    • AP Exam questions and scoring
  • Probability and Random Variables                                                          
    • Simulations – online and in-class activities
    • Random variables
      • Binomial and geometric distributions
      • Simulations
  • AP Exam questions and scoring

Day 3

  • Sampling distributions(Rice Virtual Lab)
    • Exploration time to visit websites
  • AP Stats Monkey
  • Stats Medic
  • Textbook websites
  • Khan Academy
  • College Board (especially new resources)
  • Others TBD
  • Inference                                                                          
    •  Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests
  • AP Exam questions and scoring

Day 4

  • Type I and II errors, power
  • Two-sample procedures
  • Chi-square tests
  • Linear regression tests
  • AP Exam questions and scoring