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U.S. History – New

George Henry

George Henry holds an M.A. degree in History from the University of Utah. He has taught AP United States History in the public and private schools in Salt Lake City Utah since 1975. He is currently on the faculty of East High School, and an Auxiliary Instructor in the Department of History at the University of Utah. George has been a consultant for the College Board in AP U.S. History and served on numerous College Board Committees. He has been reading AP U.S. history exams since 1991. He was a member of the Social Studies Vertical Teams Development committee, and has been a contributing writer of the Special Topics for Social Studies Vertical Teams, a member of the Utah State Social Studies Core revision committee, and the Salt Lake City School District Social Studies Development Committee. In 2014 he co authored the teachers edition of America’s History 8th edition.

Course Description

The Institute will include specific teaching strategies to improve the quality of our AP courses, and boost students’ test results. We will examine teaching methods to help students acquire critical reading and analytic writing proficiency.  We will look for ways to eliminate busy work from our daily assignments.  In our time together, we will focus on course organization beyond the typical chronological, review new course materials and explore ways to successfully utilize AP Central.  We will look at effective alternatives to lecture and discussion.  Additionally, part of our time together will find ways to make our AP U.S. History courses accessible to diverse students, models of equity and excellence, and ways to be inclusive of students who typically have not taken AP courses.   We will focus on best practices to help students prepare for and successfully complete all parts of the AP U.S. history exam—multiple choice, short answer, long essay question and Document Based Question.


Day 1

Understanding the Course and Exam

(Lessons 1,2,3,4,5)

-Welcome and Introductions

-AP Historical Thinking Skills and Reasoning Processes and the AP U.S. History Course

-Developing Student Understandings

-Understanding the Unit Guides

-Understanding the Themes

Day 2

AP Historical Thinking Skills and Reasoning Processes

(Lessons 6,7,8,9,10)

-Exploring the United Guides

-Developments and Processes

-Analyzing Primary Sources

-Analyzing Secondary Sources


Day 3

Teaching the AP U.S. History Course

(Lessons 11,12,13.14, 15)

-Making Connections: Comparison

-Making Connections: Chronological Reasoning

-Argument Development

-Sequencing the AP U.S. History Course

-Selecting Resources to Support Teaching AP U.S. History

Day 4

Planning Your Course

(Lessons 16, 17, 18)

-Strategies for Teaching AP U. S. History

Assessing Student Understanding

Collaboration Time: Sharing Best Practices

AP Course Audit and Curricular Requirements