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U.S. History

Michael Kim

I have been a workshop consultant for the College Board since 2003.  I attended my first AP reading in 2001.  Over the past two decades, I have had many opportunities to work on the advancement of this course.  Specifically, with the redesign which took effect with the new exam in 2015.  I have authored an AP United States test bank for a textbook publisher as well as reviewed and edited several AP texts.  As an AP Consultant, I have authored portions of the APSI training workbook, presented workshops in over 30 states, and I have mentored several of the newer consultants.  Since 2018, I have been a member of the standing committee for United States History for NAEP.

In 2014, I created one of the first Google Drives of the new multiple choice questions created by the participants of APSIs.  It is still widely shared by AP teachers on the AP Community site.  I have many resources to share.  Here is a link to my APSI Drive resources: https://bit.ly/apushfiles You are welcomed to add to your Drive, even if you are not able to attend this APSI.

Course Description

During this AP U.S. History APSI, you’ll explore the course framework, the exam, and the new AP resources that will help you plan and focus instruction—and give you feedback throughout the year on the areas where individual students need additional focus. 

By attending this APSI, you’ll gain deeper insight into the following key takeaways, among several others: Understand the Course; Plan the Course; Teach the Course; Assess Student Progress; and Engage as a Member of the AP Community. In addition, specific attention will be paid to the following AP Classroom resources: unit guides, personal progress checks, AP teacher community, and the AP question bank.

The APSI sessions will have a high level of engagement and will offer ample opportunities for participants to communicate and work with each other.  Participants will share their best practices and learn techniques for effective use of their textbooks and supplemental materials.  Participants will also receive instruction in accurately scoring free response questions.


Day 1

Morning Session – 

  • Class Management, The Philosophy of AP
  • Myths of Teaching AP
  • AP* U.S. History Course Description 
  • Historical Thinking Skills

Afternoon Session 

  • Understanding the Themes
  • Explore the Drive
  • Introduction of Resources
  • “Decades Paper Project”
  • Understanding the CED
Day 2

Morning Session 1

  • The Multiple Choice
  • Developments and Processes
  • Primary and Secondary Sources

Afternoon Session

  • Historical Thinking Skills and Historiography
  • Multiple Choice Development
  • 2024 LEQs
Day 3

Morning Session 

  • 2024 SAQs
  • Teaching the Skills
  • Planning
  • Syllabus and Calendar
  • 2024 DBQs
Day 4

Morning Session

  • Strategies for Teaching the Course
  • Socratic Method
  • Sharing of Best Practices 
  • Websites
  • Afternoon Session
  • Activities, Projects, Simulations
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Planning for 2024-2025