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U.S. Government & Politics

John Moyer

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John Moyer is a current teacher at Stow-Munroe Falls High School in Stow, Ohio where he has taught since 1990. John currently teaches AP United States Government & Politics, AP Comparative Government & Politics, AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics as well as Leadership Concepts, a course for aspiring student leaders. John is currently a Question Leader at the AP US Government & Politics exam, where he has been involved since 2007 as well as a College Board Consultant since 2015. Most recently, John participated in the redesigned Course Audit review process for the AP Comparative Government & Politics course.

Additionally, John is a certified trainer and coach with Resilient Leadership LLC where John trains and coaches k-12 educational leaders.

Course Description

Participants will:

  • understand the course framework found in the Course and Exam Description.
  • plan and sequence their course based on the CED and their unique teaching situation.
  • choose from a variety of instructional strategies based on the needs of their individual students.
  • design lessons that are adaptable to a variety of learning situations- be it fully in class, completely remote or a hybrid model.
  • develop formative and summative assessments based on the AP exam expectations.
  • develop and score the 4 types of free response questions, including each of the following:
    • Concept Application question
    • Quantitative Analysis question
    • SCOTUS Application question
    • Argument Essay
  • leave this institute a more confident teacher with a clear plan going forward.
Teaching Approach

Through the lens of Bowen Systems Theory, John helps teachers & students see the interdependence of actors and how the presence of the past guides systems behavior- including all types of political systems. This reciprocally based approach helps make sense of seemingly disparate behaviors.


Day 1
  • Course and Exam Description Overview
  • Equity and Access
  • Integrating Skills & Content
  • AP Exam- Multiple Choice
  • Instructional Planning Reports
  • Understanding the Unit Guides
  • Course Planning- Step One
  • Quantitative Analysis- A Classroom Application
  • FRQ 2- Quantitative Analysis
Day 2
  • Selecting and Using Course Materials
  • National Constitution Center
  • AP Classroom- An Introduction & Daily Videos
  • Connecting Course Concepts
  • Spiraling and Scaffolding Course Concepts
  • FRQ 1- Concept Application
  • Lesson Development- Step One
  • Course Planning- Step Two
Day 3
  • MC Exam Analysis
  • Google Drive Resources
  • Political Opinions- A Reciprocal Approach
  • Lesson Development- Step Two
  • AP Classroom- Personal Progress Checks
  • Textbook Reviews & Recommendations
  • Applied Civics Project
  • Supreme Court Case Analysis
  • FRQ 3- Scotus Application
Day 4
  • Tech Tools
  • Course Planning- Step Three
  • Lesson Development- Step Three
  • Analyzing Qualitative Visuals
  • Analytical Reading Activity
  • AP Classroom- Assessments
  • Outcome based Assessments
  • Source Analysis
  • FRQ 4- Argument Essay
  • Lesson Development Presentations
  • Final Questions/Evaluation
  • Certificates/Next Steps

*Areas of focus will be adjusted based on participant input.