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U.S. Government & Politics

Matt Furfaro

Matt Furfaro is a teacher at Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana, where he has taught since 1996.  He currently teaches AP United States Government & Politics.  Matt is an AP reader and table leader and was also on the AP Instructional Design Committee for the AP U.S. Government & Politics Course.

Course Description

Participants will:

  • Understand the course framework found in the Course and Exam Description;
  • Plan and sequence their course based on the CED and their unique teaching situation;
  • Choose from a variety of instructional strategies based on the needs of their individual students;
  • Design lessons that are adaptable to a variety of learning situations- be it fully in class, completely remote or a hybrid model;
  • Develop formative and summative assessments based on the AP exam expectations;
  • Develop and score the 4 types of free response questions, including each of the following:
    • Concept Application question
    • Quantitative Analysis question
    • SCOTUS Application question
    • Argument Essay;
  • Leave this institute a more confident teacher with a clear plan going forward.


Day 1

Big Picture Day/Overview: Understanding and Planning Your Course/Units/Lessons (Part 1)

  • Course and Exam Description Overview
  • Equity and Access
  • Integrating Skills & Content
  • AP Exam- Multiple Choice
  • Understanding the Unit Guides
  • Selecting and Using Course Materials
  • AP Classroom- An Introduction
  • Connecting Course Concepts
  • Spiraling and Scaffolding Course Concepts
  • Course Planning (Part 1)
  • 3 Minute Meetings: What are you goals for this APSI and how can I help meet them?
Day 2

Dive into the teaching the Practices and Skills

  • Course Planning
  • Reading and Analyzing the Required Documents
  • Analyzing and Interpreting Visuals
  • Analyzing and Comparing Supreme Court Cases
  • Analyzing Quantitative Data
  • Connect and Apply Concepts (finish on Day 3)
Day 3

 Finish the Practice/Skills, Assessing, Projects, Planning  

  • Continue Disciplinary Practices and Reasoning Skills
  • Formative and Summative Assessment
  • Applied Civics Project
  • Course Planning (Part 2).
Day 4

Completing the Course Requirements/Expectations

  • The AP GOPO Exam
  • Registration, Equity and Access
  • Curricular Requirements and Syllabus Development
  • Course Planning/Units/Lessons (Part 3)
  • AP Exam Review/Ask The Experts