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World History-Modern

James Zucker

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James Zucker has been a teacher for Advanced Placement classes for over 20 years. James received his Bachelors in History and Political Science from Loyola Marymount. He taught for LAUSD and Reseda High School from 1997-2005. During his time at Reseda, James Zucker taught a variety of Social Studies subjects including US History, Government, Economics, and Advanced Placement United States History. He was also the AVID elective teacher and AVID coordinator. James went on to teach for Loyola High School in Southern California from 2005 to the present. At Loyola, he has taught both Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Placement World History. He is also the Speech and Debate coach for Loyola High School. James Zucker has worked for the College Board as a Consultant for both Advanced Placement United States History and Advanced Placement World History. He has read for the national grading for both subjects for over 15 years. And, James has served on the AP US History test development committee from 2015-2021 where he worked as both a committee member and as the High School co-chair. James currently lives in Southern California with his wife and two daughters.

Course Description

This APSI for the AP World course is designed to be an opportunity to learn about the skills and content in the College Board Framework. The goal is to provide an opportunity for instruction and collaboration to get ready for the next academic year with your students.

The course will be centered on the College Board Framework for the AP World course. We will review the major Historical Thinking Skills, Writing Skills, and Test Strategies to help your students. We will also outline key themes and content that help to teach students about the narratives of different civilizations within a global history.

This course does have direct instruction from the facilitator to help support teachers in analyzing the foundations to the class. The institute also includes substantial time for collaboration between colleagues to develop methods and lessons that can be used directly in the next academic year’s classroom.

The teaching style for the course is modeled after the same methods used by the instructor in his own AP classroom. I am a strong believer that learning happens best when an instructor facilitates discussions, collaboration, and project based learning. We are all equal colleagues who bring our own excellent teaching styles and experiences to the institute. I hope to share my own experiences as a teacher, national grader, and participant on the test development committee. But I want our course to be an interactive one that allows all of us to learn and develop strategies for our diverse students.


Day 1
  • Equity And Access in AP Classes
  • Analyzing the AP World History Framework
  • Gamifying the Class: Group Kahoots
  • Reading Strategies for the AP Student
  • Discussions in the AP Classroom
Day 2
  • Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Strategies
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Modern Classroom
  • Spiraling the Skills-AP Framework
  • Historical Thinking Skills and HAPY Tones Analysis
  • Content: Incorporating AP African Studies into World History
  • Short Answer Mock Grading
Day 3
  • Pacing and Skills Development
  • Long Essay Writing Strategies
  • Long Essay Mock Grading
  • Southernization Reading and Discussion
Day 4
  • DBQ Skills
  • DBQ Mock Grading
  • Using AP Classroom
  • Reviews
  • Year Planning